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Oslo-based Iranian composer and musician Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah presents his new composition "Shur Gashti" with soprano Amalie Kongssund, Strax Saxophone Quartet, and himself on santur at VårFEST'23//Opening concert: Untold Stories on 31.08 at Majorstuen Kirke.

Here the composer explores different sounds of the Iranian instrument santoor and builds bridges between santoor, saxophones, and voice. For this purpose, he uses the voice as an instrument without having a word for it. His reinterpretation of the shur (one of the most important Persian modes) and its traditional ornaments were the main tools for this composition, along with the use of a spectromorphological approach for the selected sounds.

Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah's curiosity about different genres of music motivated him to study classical music and jazz in addition to his heritage of Iranian classical music. Due to his diverse background, he believes that despite the contrasts between these musical genres, there is still a musical language that is a combination of all three.


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