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Oppdatert: 3. mai


Three imagined stories

We invite you to a concert with countertenor and performance artist Sean Bell at Rom for Dans. Here, the singer's role as a storyteller is explored through various vocal expressions, baroque guitar, drum set, gesture-controlled electronics, video, and light.

The performance consists of three parts:

Part 1: British lute songs from the early 17th century, performed with self-accompaniment on baroque guitar.

Part 2: Songbook: Shakespearian Tales of Woe by composer Robert Nettleship (UK) for countertenor and drum set.

Part 3: Reduced (to the role of onlooker) by composer Harald Jordal (NO), for countertenor, sound track, sensor, video, and lamp.

Sean Bell – countertenor, baroque guitar, gesture-controlled electronics

Robert Nettleship – drum set

Harald Jordal – video and electronics


Regular: 150 NOK

Student/senior/member: 100 NOK

Produced in collaboration with VoxLAB. Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and the State Artist Grant.

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