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Congratulations for an amazing review on the "Crane Reflects on a Favor"!

Congratulations to the entire team on a great review for VårFEST'23//Closing Concert: "Crane Reflects on a Favor" Kristin Norderval(US/NO)*World Premiere*! Well deserved!!

Guro von Germeten beautifully reflects on the ending of the piece (English translation):

"We hear for a long time the echo of this trio movement out in the hall after the singers leave the room singing and the piece slowly comes to an end. An echo that gives a promise, and hope, that this is not the last time we hear from this crane."

These words resonate deeply with the singer's last lyrics in Kristin Nordervals libretto:

"We pray, we hope,

We burn, we burn


Hope is the thing

“Hope is the thing with feathers...” (Emily Dickinson)


Remember the wind

“Remember the sky that you were born under...” (Joy Harjo)"

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