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Would you like to experience extending your voice in time through gesture?

Would you like to try time-altering your speech, song or any other vocal sounds with the wave of your hand?

Come to the free workshop and demonstration of Kristin Norderval’s new gestural instrument for vocal
processing and time warping: the EVII (Extended Vocal Improvising Instrument). The EVII will be used in
her eco-opera Crane Reflects on a Favor.

Using wireless motion sensors, EVII allows you to sample and manipulate vocal sounds in real time. It plays with time-lapse, time-stretch, time compression, and multiple long delays. You can be the instrument and the composer simultaneously, and create interesting sound from breath alone.

All are welcome. No experience with singing or electronic music required.

Combining operatic singing techniques with gestural control of real-time sampling, layering and out-of-phase looping, Kristin Norderval has been exploring the mix of opera and live electronics in her Artistic Research project: Electrifying Opera, Amplifying Agency.

Meet The Artist

1_Kristin Nordreval.jpg

As both a composer and singer, Kristin Norderval is inspired by hybridity, interactivity and the idea that everything we do is site-specific. In her operas, chamber works, sound installations, and music for dance and theater she blends acoustic and electronic sound, de-tuned instruments, voices, machines, and the acoustic resonance of space. In her solo works she processes her voice in real time often combining it with prerecorded sounds to create complex sonic layers and unusual soundscapes. Custom controllers allow her to manipulate the processed sound with physical gestures. Her work with Pauline Oliveros over three decades was a primary influence in combining structural rigor with improvisation. Having trained in both composition and classical voice, Kristin first earned her living as a soprano soloist with a focus on contemporary music, particularly American composers from the New York School. She performed and recorded works by and often alongside composers such as Philip Glass, John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, Annea Lockwood, David Lang, Tania Leon, Anne Le Baron, Frances White, Christian Wolff, Carla Lucero, George Crumb and many others. Returning to composition after her 40th birthday, Norderval´s compositions have received international acclaim. Her solo CD Aural Histories was listed by The New Yorker music critic Alex Ross as one of “Ten Notable Classical Music Recordings of 2012”. Her opera The Trials of Patricia Isasa (2016) won Quebec´s OPUS prize in two categories: best contemporary music and best production. Kristin Norderval is currently a PhD Research Fellow at the Academy of Opera in Oslo.

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