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Format: 2D Ambisonics (2022)

Credit:  DALL·E  2



Daydreaming is a multi-channel electroacoustic composition that invites audiences on a sonic journey inspired by the distractions encountered during online meetings that have become a part of our lives during the pandemic. Commissioned by Electric Audio Unit, the piece delves into the mind of a host in an online meeting with multiple participants. As the composition unfolds, the listener experiences the transformative power of everyday sounds such as ringing phones, car horns, and glitches in the online stream. These sounds act as triggers, leading to an irresistible sonic exploration in which familiar events abandon their original meaning and give rise to new soundscapes that emerge from the very material of their existence.


Martyna Kosecka – sound diffusion

Meet The Artists

Photo - Nabeeh_Samaan - Mariam Gviniashvili.JPG

​Based in Oslo, Mariam Gviniashvili is a Georgian composer and sound artist whose artistic exploration combines electronics, electroacoustics and 3D sound with visuals and dance, delving into the profound physical and emotional essence of sound and space. Her work has been presented worldwide at esteemed festivals, venues and radio programs such as Prix Ars Electronica, BEAST FEaST, New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, Ultima Festival, ARD radio play days and BBC Radio.

martyna_kosecka03 - Martyna Kosecka.jpg

Martyna Kosecka is a Polish composer, conductor, performer, and researcher in new music, based in Norway since 2019. She studied composition and orchestral conducting in the Music Academies in Kraków and Katowice, in Poland. Through her music, she experiments with alternative tunings, microtonality, and electroacoustic processing of sounds. Kosecka, with engagement and curiosity, plays with the perception of time and focuses on extracting timbral qualities of each individual sound through a microperspective approach.

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