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VårFEST 2023 - Crossing Borders

VoxLAB's international festival for new works for the voice "VårFEST 2023 - Crossing Borders" is coming soon, building on its reputation of bringing exciting new works for voice to the Oslo scene.

This year’s festival promises an extraordinary program with internationally recognized composers and musicians, featuring exploratory vocal repertoire and musical theatre. Our theme is "Crossing Borders", where we are focusing on creating an open musical experience relevant to people everywhere. We are giving space to marginalized voices and promoting powerful tools for change, set against an existential environmental crisis and calls for freedom. We’ll experience renowned and upcoming composers and improvisers who represent different generations, nationalities, and traditions. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re bringing us all together to promote creativity and community building.

VårFEST events are held in several different locations in Oslo, making new music accessible to everyone. Save the date30.08 - 02.09! Detailed program coming up soon!!!

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